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Dec | 01 | 2016 - High Rossferry City reboot.

More information will come soon!

Cheers Dydtor & Darkone55

Okt | 20 | 2014 - The status of High Rossferry City at this time.

High Rossferry City is still active after working on the city since 2011. We are still expanding the city, High Rossferry City with new buildings, houses and infastructure. At the moment (October 2014), High Rossferry City is on Bukkit 1.7.9. And will remain there until Bukkit 1.8 has come around. Then we plan to issue a new version of the High Rossferry City World Map. We will then also release a new version of High Rossferry Resource Pack x265, for you to download. So keep an eye on one of our social media channels for the latest updates of High Rossferry City.

Cheers Dydtor & Darkone55


High Rossferry City is made by just two people. Every building is accessible and built in a realistic way.

There are many quirks and funny hidden area's. We are working on it since June 2011. We use WorldEdit to help us with planning an structuring. Our goal is not to create a city as fast as we can, our goal is to make it perfect in every little detail. We're inspired by great artists. From Van Gogh to Mondriaan. And architects like Mies van der Rohe and Rietveld. There are many references to art, science, music and movies, all over the city.

The Team


Composer, entrepreneur and initiator of High Rossferry City. Although he's not as much involved with architecture as Dydtor, his interest is very much there and the creativity he uses for his job also helps to shape High Rossferry City.


Architect, entrepreneur and initiator of High Rossferry City. He's always working on multiple projects at the same time. Given the depth of High Rossferry City, from little details to the grand shaping of the entire world, he's the one to always keep the overview and the main focus of the city's design.


Minecraft + Mods

Minecraft 1.9


Spigot + Plug-ins

Spigot 1.11


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Our work is provided under the Creative Commons license.
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